Discover more about being human in the 21st century

This page has great video tips and insights for you on things that are important to human beings like you. Browse, watch and feel free to share this page with friends on social media if you think it's helpful.  They'll be glad you did!

Top tips for dealing with difficult people

How to get from stressed to rest in 10 minutes or less

How to avoid rejection and make connection with others

75 year study from Harvard reveals what makes a good life?

Getting your ideas across using body language part 1

Behavioural Insights-Being composed with Cautious People

Behavioural insights-Being nice with Sensitive people!

Behavioural insights-Fun with Inspired people!

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Behavioural insights-Dealing with dominant people!

Understanding the needs of your mind will help you thrive in the 21st Century

How to cope better with stress and remove CRAP from your mind!

Ideas and tips on creating rapport with others

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