Never be lied to again ever!!!

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When presidents lie...

Why people lie anyway!

In any situation we make decisions based on what we know and what we are told. No one likes to be lied to but the facts are that people will sometimes lie as many as 10 times per day. Some lies are minor and really hurt no one, conversely the consequences of a lie in business or in your personal life where the financial and emotionalstakes are much higher, can be totally disastrous.

I'd like to share with you some amazing tips and insights

The video above features a look at non verbal congruency which demonstrates that you should listen to the body language just as much as you pay attention to what's being said.

This final video relates a story where I am dealing with a company on the telephone who are attempting to sell what appears to be a very credible service however it doesn't take me too long to start to unravel the real truth behind their intentions and you can discover all this for yourself too!  One thing though is you'll need to increase the volume on your speakers to make sure you dont miss nothing!

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